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Theses from 2010


Building a Bridge to a New Career, Lydia Rose Pettis

Theses from 2009


Gaining Understanding through Creativity: Comparison of the Understanding by Design Model and General Creativity Concepts, Michael James Thomas Joseph Bridge

Theses from 2007


An Arrogant Eternity: An Examination of Class and Society in the Works of Philip Larkin, John J. Gangemi


A Study To Ascertain the Effects of the Connected Mathematics Project on Student Achievement in the Buffalo Public Schools, Darryl A. King

Theses from 2005


Cross-Cultural Studies of Implicit Theories of Creativity: A Comparative Analysis Between the United States and the Main Ethnic Groups in Singapore, Suzanna J. Ramos

Theses from 2001


Improving the Understanding of the Impact of Creative Problem Solving Training through an Examination of Individual Differences, Russell A. Wheeler

Theses from 1998


Allen Ginsberg's "Howl" as a Modern Version of T. S. Eliot's "The Waste Land", Jennifer A. Campbell

Theses from 1996


Examining the Reliability and Factor Structure of the Climate for Innovation Quetionnaire, John F. Cabra

Theses from 1991


Variation in Ovary Size of Osmerus mordax (Mitchell), the Rainbow Smelt, in Lakes Erie and Ontario, Stephen E. Bresee

Theses from 1980


Zen and Creativity, John J.M Legate

Theses from 1978


A Descriptive / Historical Study of Enviromental Factors that Effected Inventive and Innovative Creativity in American Shaker Communities., Suzanne B. Toomey

Theses from 1977


The Degree of Relatedness of Four Creative Personality Factors with Ideational Fluency of Intermediate Grade Children., Scott G. Isaksen


The Use of Simulation and Gaming for Enhancing Creative Behavior, Craig T. Kosinski

Theses from 1976


An Analysis of Current Creativity Measures Against Creative Problem Solving Processess Within the Osborn-Parnes, Angelo M. Biondi


Integration of Problem -Solving and Values Clarification Strategies, Toward the Self-Actualizing Individual, Lynn C. Coleman

Theses from 1975


Perceptions of the Persistence of Effects or Training in Creative Problem - Solving, Delores E. Young

Theses from 1973


Creative Problem Solving as a Proposed Curriculum Addition for Primary Grades: A Stimulus Toward Development of Positive Self Concept, Joette T. Field