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Brianna Wright, Childhood Education and Macy Dorsheimer, Early Childhood and Childhood Education
Faculty Mentors: Professor Corinne Kindzierski, Elementary Education and Professor Julie Henry, Elementary Education

During the spring semester, we observed and researched the teacher education program to gain insight on how teacher candidates can build their confidence working with families. Going into the field, many future educators are apprehensive about parent-teacher conferences or other interactions with diverse families. Due to this lack of knowledge and expertise in the field, many new teachers feel as if they need to continuously practice these skills to better communicate with parents. Our research project goals are to find the best method to address any concerns teacher candidates may have regarding caregiver/parent communication and to identify what advice senior teacher candidates can provide for future teachers. We generated a survey for students in the Education program to identify concerns they may have in working with diverse families and inquire about resources available to them. Using the results, our poster promotes suggestions and other ideas to help future teachers feel more comfortable with working with families. This information will positively impact pre-service teachers and their ability to gain the confidence to acknowledge any issues when collaborating with families.

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Preparing Teacher Candidates for Collaborating with Families
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