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This research paper is a case study of nonprofit public service motivation (NPSM) in the nonprofit agency of Suburban Adult Services, Inc. (SASi) which is a located within the Buffalo region of New York State. Previous research has been conducted on public service motivation (PSM) within many public agencies but few have been conducted in a nonprofit agency. What this study’s intentions are is to assist with closing the research gap between NPSM and PSM as well as study whether differences between management and direct care staffs motivations were present. Based off of previous studies done in PSM, clear differences in motivations have been presented when managers and direct care staff were compared to each other. Findings suggest that direct care staff public service motivation levels are higher than managements. A survey that was based off Jessica Words 2013 study on this topic was distributed amongst the employees of SASi and 98 responses were analyzed. Conclusions included that nonprofit public service motivation (NPSM) was present within SASi, however, there was no difference in NPSM between management and direct care staff.