Co-Editors: Keli Garas-York, SUNY Buffalo State
  Laura Klenk, SUNY Buffalo State

This is a peer reviewed journal which is published annually for the NYSRA membership.

Those submitting articles should keep in mind that the NYSRA membership consists primarily of practicing teachers and literacy specialists.

While theoretical and research articles are invited, the editors also encourage articles related to classroom practice, as well as book reviews of professional texts and children’s literature.

Current Issue: Volume 28, Issue 1 (2018)


The articles in this issue of The Language & Literacy Spectrum reveal both the breadth of interests held by our literacy colleagues, as well as the depth of their commitment to improving literacy instruction for all students. Kiersten Greene helps us understand state funding for classroom technology; she also helps us wade through the surfeit of digital literacy applications available to teachers. Cynthia McMillan and her co-authors describe the collaborative efforts of science and literacy teachers to develop content-area instruction for middle and high school students. Zoi Philippakos and co-authors remind us how valuable it is for primary students to find pathways to literacy strategies through drama, writing, and story retellings. Sherri Weber describes a successful collaboration between a classroom teacher and librarian who streamlined a method of helping children select library books for independent reading. Susan Chambre’s review of “Think Big with Think Alouds” by M. K. Ness is a timely reminder of how teachers can maximize what might otherwise become a routine practice in elementary classrooms. We have enjoyed working with these authors and with our wonderful review team and we are glad to present Volume 28 of the Language & Literacy Spectrum. We invite you to read, reflect, and respond by submitting your own manuscript for consideration in the next volume.


Book Review