Co-Editors: Keli Garas-York, SUNY Buffalo State
  Laura Klenk, SUNY Buffalo State

This is a peer reviewed journal which is published annually for the NYSRA membership.

Those submitting articles should keep in mind that the NYSRA membership consists primarily of practicing teachers and literacy specialists.

While theoretical and research articles are invited, the editors also encourage articles related to classroom practice, as well as book reviews of professional texts and children’s literature.

Current Issue: Volume 29, Issue 1 (2019)


The articles in this issue of The Language & Literacy Spectrum are informative and inspiring. Salika Lawrence and co-authors delved into disciplinary literacy as it relates to history and social studies. While Lubna Javeed explained how writing facilitates disciplinary literacy in the area of science. Zoi Traga Philippakos described practices to support sentence construction. Jennifer Van Allen and Lenora Forsythe explained online tools to foster collaboration among teacher candidates. While Geraldine Mongillo and co-authors investigated the communicative strategies of two primary teachers in the United States and Israel. It has been a pleasure to work with these authors and with our dedicated review team and we are proud to present Volume 29 of the Language & Literacy Spectrum. We invite you to read, reflect, and respond by submitting your own manuscript for consideration in future volumes.



Primary Teachers' Use of Communicative Strategies for Linguistically Diverse Learners: A Cross-Cultural Case Study
Geraldine Mongillo, Dorothy Feola, Rochelle Goldberg Kaplan, Vered Vaknin, and Randa Abbas