Promising pedagogical practices is described in relation to incorporating ICT (Information, Communication and Technologies) with the study of Human Rights issues in Visual Arts Education for teacher candidates. As part of a course, ‘Senior Years Art,’ students at the Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba during 2013-2014 experienced a class project entitled, ‘digiART and Human Rights: A New Media, Arts Integrated Project.’ For this course the authors drew upon a pilot course held earlier in 2011 as a Faculty of Education Summer Graduate Institute in which significant curricula using new media was connected to the theories outlined in the Human Rights Education Paradigm by Tibbitts (2002) specifically related to the (1) values/awareness model (2) accountability model and (3) transformational model. The authors found that models 1 and 3 relate to pedagogical approaches regarding ICT in visual arts education. In this article the writers will describe one outstanding student’s process learning about ICT in relation to examining the Canadian immigrant experience. The pedagogical approach used has the promise for wider relevance across subject areas.

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