Undergraduate Student Editors: James Daniel Cooke, Buffalo State College
  Jonathan Keenan, Buffalo State College
Graduate Student Editor: Amanda Boos, Buffalo State College
Managing Editor: Bridget M. Chesterton, Buffalo State College
Department Chair: Andrew Nicholls, Buffalo State College
Faculty Editors: Cynthia Conides, Buffalo State College
  Kenneth Orosz, Buffalo State College
  Jill Gradwell, Buffalo State College
  York Norman, Buffalo State College

Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1 (2017) Posters


For undergraduates and graduates in history, social studies, and museum studies, the evolution of a research project includes many, often difficult, steps. First, students read widely in their field, searching for topics that call for further analysis and more research. Then, they hunt down primary sources that can help them answer the questions they developed while immersed in the literature. Finally, after mining the sources, it is time to write. The step from researching to writing, however, is the hardest one to climb, because it is as much about (re)discovery as it is about telling the true stories of the past. Even for professional historians, the transition from collecting the data to telling the story involves months, if not years, of figuring out what it is that they have actually found and then explaining why the discovery is important. During the final step toward writing history, much is gained by sharing an early version of research findings with peers for review and critique. It is a chance to report preliminary results and solicit suggestions for improvement from experts in the field. An excellent strategy for discussing early research findings is presenting a poster at undergraduate and graduate research symposiums at Buffalo State. To increase the visibility and accessibility of undergraduate research projects in history, social studies, and museum studies, The Exposition, student research journal of the Department of History and Social Studies Education, seeks to provide undergraduate and graduate researchers an online platform on which to share their preliminary research in a friendly environment with the Buffalo State and beyond. This volume of journal highlights the efforts of the students in the History and Social Studies Education department as they explore the research process through posters.



Thunderstruck: Teaching Boy Scouts About History and Cannons
Gary H. Nobbs Jr. and Andrew D. Nicholls