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Gerard Puccio

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Creative Studies, M.S.


Center for Studies in Creativity


Dr. Molly Hollinger


Cooking up Passion: Steps to Opening a Food Truck This project encapsulates my creativity journey and desire to pursue my passion for the culinary arts. I reflected on my experience in the engineering/technology field and made some strong connections with various creativity principles. The years of experience I have accumulated in corporate America have taught me a lot and helped push me to achieve things I did not think I could. What I am attempting to accomplish with this project is to combine my experience in the workforce with my passion/interest in the culinary arts. I have connected with some phenomenal individuals who have taken the risk of starting a business and or pursuing their passion. Through their guidance and support, I have taken some monumental steps forward and devised an action plan. This project demonstrates the importance of finding community and connecting with individuals who believe in and support your dreams. I am grateful to everyone who has played a role in my life until now. I hope reading this project inspires individuals with a strong sense of joy, love, understanding, determination, inspiration, motivation, dedication, and happiness. All of these emotions are woven deep into every word and section.