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Degree Name

Creative Studies, M.S.


Center for Studies in Creativity


Susan Keller-Mathers


This project investigated the integration of playfulness into virtual workshop environments to enhance creativity and participant engagement. The initial focus was on developing an online game to encourage mind-wandering and creative expression. However, research and discussions with faculty revealed practical challenges and potential distractions associated with implementing this idea. The project pivoted towards exploring alternative interventions and ended up with two interventions for virtual workshops as well as a companion blog with practical strategies. A "wreck-it" style welcome package containing fidget toys and creative prompts was proposed for individual participants. Additionally, a modified version of an in-person activity was designed for a virtual setting, encouraging playful competition and team building. The project concludes with a call for further research and collaboration. More research is needed on the impact of practices like games, fidgeting, and doodling in virtual environments to increase fun and dynamism. Practitioners and researchers need to collaborate to design experiments, collect data, and develop virtual workshop agendas that prioritize dimensions of a creative climate. Accessibility and inclusivity also require further attention to ensure participation for everyone, regardless of potential limitations.