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Creative Studies, M.S.


Center for Studies in Creativity


Dr. Keller-Mathers

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Innovative Behavior; Raising Awareness for Creative Behavior in Education to Cultivate an Innovative Approach in Vocational Education.

The development of a rubric for innovative behavior in teachers is related to encouraging the status of creativity in the innovation process. It is powerful to use feedback to create a more creative approach in schools, it helps teachers to think creatively and how to cultivate a more innovative approach in the classroom. It creates and structures conversations among teachers interested in teaching and assessing creativity.

This project presents a background and the development of a rubric and a complimentary booklet to self-test the innovative behavior of vocational teachers.

The main takeaways after reading this project are a rubric to self-test your innovative behavior, a booklet, a visual of five fundamental skills to accelerate innovative behavior, a list of ideas for managers and educational leaders to promote innovative behavior, a model that explains innovative behavior, and ten ways to spark your innovative superpowers at work.

Keywords: innovative behavior, teachers, vocational education, awareness of innovative behavior, creative confidence, creative pedagogy, creative potential, creativity in the classroom.