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Creative Studies, M.S.


Center for Studies in Creativity


Dr. Susan Keller-Mathers

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Dr. Susan Keller-Mathers



Rebranding Visual Feedback as a Product

Why do visuals work and why do they have such impact on the process of change? Because visuals connect directly with feelings, they have the power to improve the life of others. They have the power to improve and enrich communication. They have the power to handle information overload and they have the power to bridge cultural differences. ‘Images speak louder than words’ because images are connected with emotions in our long term memory. When ten different persons look at one single image, they see ten different things. Like a mirror, the image reflects ideas in the mind of the person. It makes the unspeakable visible. And that is a wonderful starting point for Visual Feedback. This project investigates the need for visual thinking in general and for Visual Feedback in particular. Different sources are explored in relation to creativity and visual thinking, drawing from scholarly theory and practicing professionals from the field. By looking deeper into the ‘why’ of the product and how to apply it in the field, an explanatory animation is expected to develop, showing the value of Visual Feedback to the client.