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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity


Dr. Sue Keller- Mathers

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The knowledge of creativity, what it is, and how one applies it, is a valuable tool that all post-secondary students should be taught. Understanding and managing creativity is one of the most significant competitive advantages of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and students. With the current fast-paced changes in our lives and workplace today, creativity is becoming as necessary a tool as any life skill.

The knowledge and skill of creativity should be taught as a core competency in post-secondary institutions. Most students have had minimal if any training in deliberate creativity. In many cases, it may have in fact been just the opposite.

In my institution I am engaging in practices that position myself as a creativity expert. To springboard to greater knowledge and understanding of creativity as a core competency, I have developed a training workshop focused on the basics of creativity as part of a professional development series that included aspects of student interviews I conducted. This is one aspect of my larger goal of continuing to engage my cohorts at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in creative thinking practices with each other and their students to raise the creative consciousness of my institution.