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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity


Susan M. Keller-Mathers

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This project focuses deliberately bringing humor, magic, and Creative Problem Solving (CPS) tools into the classroom. The author aims to encourage creative talent by providing children with a refuge from the conventional limitations of the world and accepting their divergence while embracing their creative talents. The underlying techniques and skills for stimulating creativity within the classroom are examined and best ways to foster creativity within the educational systems are identified. The author focused on the following questions: (a) How might humor create a classroom community? (b) How might magic engage and create a positive learning environment for second grade children? (c) What benefits are there to using CPS with second grade students? In order to answer these questions information was gathered by the second grade students, dean, and the teacher in the form of various feedback forms, pictures, and logs used as part of the regular classroom experience. This was examined in light of the current literature and best practices. The author found that humor, magic, and using CPS tools was a good way to assist with creating a positive learning environment. It is my hope that the creative use of this project will support educators with the techniques that unleash the potentialities and creative abilities of their students.