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Salah Zahran



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Salah Zahran, CIS494: Research in Computer Information Systems
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Sarbani Banerjee, Computer Information Systems

Deep Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, a type of technology that can think intelligently similar to humans. The concept involves a deep processing and analyzing of data which leads computers to make the best possible decision based on patterns and implications in the data analysis. Deep learning takes this concept to the next level by creating a similar structure to neural networks in the human brain and applies this concept to its models. It involves creating artificial neural networks in which there are multiple layers consisting of nodes, each of which contains a small fraction of all the data input. Deep Learning applications are very commonly written in Python, so that is used for this project. Other software used is Django, a back-end framework for Python that is widely used for creating APIs and back-end web applications. This project will create an API with Django and use it to run any Deep Learning models. API (Application Programming Interface) provides users with an interface that serves as a middle ground between users and the backend. They offer versatile ways of interacting with web applications and make it extremely easy for users to interact with back-end apps as well. The project consists of coding an API that can accept Deep Learning models as input and will then run and output the model's results in a convenient and clear way to the user.

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Deep Learning API with Python
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