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Pa Reh



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Pa Reh, CIS494: Research in Computer Information Systems
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Sarbani Banerjee, Computer Information Systems

The goal of this research project is to create a Google Chrome extension called “Quick Browse,” which will make navigation easier for all users on Chrome to browse web pages in less time. Google Chrome has been phenomenal, and many people prefer Chrome over other web browsers because it is very user-friendly. However, the browser does not have all the best features available, so it is important to take advantage of the Google Chrome Extension tool to create the necessary changes. This is why “Quick Browse” is needed. This problem is important to fix because many users waste countless hours on the browser clicking around webpages. The “Quick Browse” will speed up the process for the user to get to their destination webpage more efficiently. It will allow a user to accomplish more work without having to spend so much time clicking around the browser. The technology involved in this project will be HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jason, and Photoshop. Photoshop is used to create an image, appropriate for the icon of the extension. HTML and CSS are used to mainly display what is on the browser. JavaScript and Jason will be the code that works behind the scenes of the Extension. The result will save user time by allowing access to the destination webpage with a simpler process that eliminates the need to type in the web address.

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