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Kayla Kennedy



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Kayla Kennedy, HTR318: Cultural Tourism
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Kathleen O'Brien, Hospitality and Tourism

Global travel can be one of life's most exciting experiences to partake in. Travelers should always try to leave the location the same way they found it. This extends beyond tidying up one's hotel room and refraining from littering in the streets. It applies to the everyday challenges that present themselves throughout the European travel scene. I constructed my research study around the effects of tourism in the city of Venice. Often there are circumstances where visitors unfortunately aren't respecting foreign land. Cultural tourism brings together accepted practices of research with visitors' motivations to learn, discover, experience, and consume the cultural attractions/products in a tourism destination. Venice, as one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations, cannot endure the continuous disrespect to its environment any longer. Increasing numbers of tourists, harsh inflation in the cost of everyday necessities, the impact of cruise ships on the environment, and public indecency have created profound negative impacts on the host community. Native Venetians have found themselves relocating to alternate regions as a result of the overflow of tourism. I seek to answer the question: Is it worth the heartache and pain the Venetians and the city must endure in order to continue as the epicenter of cultural tourists' experiences? How long can they wait before change occurs?

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Venice: The Epicenter of Tourism That Has Had Enough
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