Dance and Design


Dance and Design



Salvatore Giangreco-Marotta, ALT490: Senior Seminar
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Joy Guarino, Theater, Professor Naila Ansari, Theater

The focus of the Dance and Design project was to develop a personal choreographic process by consciously incorporating elements of design into the dance composition, resulting in the strengthening of the themes and ideas of dance pieces. Dance and design share many overlapping ideas because they are both forms of communication. I initially wanted to see if applying design elements to dance composition would translate between the two art forms. I researched elements of choreography and design. I then simultaneously incorporated the design elements in the choreographic process and created a presentation that symbolized both the design elements and the respective dance piece. The principles of design applied were Proximity, Color, Contrast, Typography, Repetition, Alignment, Hierarchy, Emphasis, White Space, and Balance. Some of the elements are already considered when choreographing, while the others influence and strengthen choices in choreography. During my junior year, a graphic design class inspired me to see similarities between dance and design. Dance and design have always been connected. Partnerships like the one between choreographer Martha Graham and designer Isamu Noguchi is a great example of how design elements can influence dance. I have found some choreographers who also explore the connection between dance and graphic design, but not in the way I have done. In my video, I discuss my process and show my original dance pieces and their accompanying posters, demonstrating how the elements translate between dance and design.

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Dance and Design