Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Program
Julianna Kraft


Julianna Kraft


Julianna Kraft



Sense and Sustainability- Current Data and Future Trends in ACPHA Accredited Hospitality Programs

Julianna Kraft, Hospitality and Tourism
Faculty Mentor: Professor Chenchen Huang, Bussiness

Julianna is a junior in Hotel Tourism Management expecting to graduate in spring 2021. She has been interested in sustainability and environmental stewardship in the hospitality industry for many years. After graduation, Julianna hopes to complete a Fulbright Scholarship in South Korea and to pursue working internationally in the tourism industry.

During her fellowship, Julianna discovered that sustainability is a growing movement within the hospitality curriculum and that a holistic incorporation is the most prevalent approach. After collecting course information from 66 accredited programs, she created a scorecard that compared Buffalo State‘s program to that of 13 peer institutions. She discovered that while Buffalo State scored low on a visible sustainable curriculum, she found it could compete with its initiatives among individual faculty inside and outside the classroom.

Julianna Kraft