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Julianna Kraft



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Julianna Kraft, Hospitality and Tourism
Faculty Mentor: Professor Chenchen Huang, Business

Today’s Hospitality Industry is dominated by environmentally friendly initiatives. Most literature up to this point has focused on WHY we need to teach sustainability in hospitality programs or how we SHOULD be teaching sustainability in hospitality programs; however, there is a surprising lack of context and data detailing what is happening in Hospitality education today. This project utilizes descriptive and evaluation research methods in order to assess the scope of sustainable education in Hospitality programs. The project sets out to answer three research questions: Is sustainability in Hospitality Education a growing, shrinking, or stagnant movement? What methods are being utilized to teach sustainability in Hospitality Education? How does Buffalo State's curriculum compare to other accredited programs around the nation? In order to answer these questions, the study consulted institutional websites and course catalogues, and completed a phone interview with department chairs from SUNY Buffalo State and Bradley University. The results indicate that sustainability is a growing movement within the curriculum and that a holistic incorporation is the most prevalent approach.

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Sense and Sustainability- Current Data and Future Trends in ACPHA Accredited Hospitality Programs
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