Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Program
Jonathan Shaffer


Jonathan Shaffer



Tin-based Perovskite Solar Cells: Simulation Studies to Critically Assess Limiting Kinetics

Jon Shaffer, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Faculty Mentor: Professor Saquib Ahmed, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Jon is a senior in the Mechanical Engineering Technology program who is expecting to graduate in the spring of 2020. He is interested in the fabrication and mechanics of perovskite solar absorbers as well as piezoelectronics. After graduation, he is looking to either pursue a Master’s degree in Nanomaterials or possibly moving into the private sector to continue his solar research.

During his fellowship, Jon familiarized himself with a solar simulation software known as SCAPS in an attempt to further his understanding of perovskite cells. Using this software, he is now able to calculate and tabulate the electrical and optical properties of theoretical perovskite structures, which will give way to finding the most efficient stackup in a lab setting. Examples of this work done by him using a simpler software have been published in three different academic journals, and presented twice last year at each meeting of the Materials Research Society. Jon’s research earned him an internship at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, working with the Center for Nanoscale Technology and Science from January through April 2020.

Jonathan Shaffer