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Jonathan Shaffer, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Faculty Mentor: Professor Saquib Ahmed, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Perovskite solar absorbers are the most promising structures in the world of photovoltaics in the present day. They hold tremendous potential. When stacked in tandem with silicon, they have the potential to fuel the breakthrough needed to push solar to the forefront of the nation's energy industry. This research focuses on one of the biggest limiting factors of these perovskites—the inclusion of lead as a base material. In lieu of lead, I am using Tin to showcase the full functionality of the cell, and to investigate the limiting kinetics of the devices such that I can pursue more possibilities for a non-toxic perovskite. My research focuses on simulation studies, wherein I use advanced software to adjust some of the critical input parameters and analyze the results. Once these parameters are optimized, I can analyze the overall efficiency dynamics, in both the electrical and optical sense, to discover the limiting criteria of the material, as well as to discover more cost-effective and efficient solar stack configurations.

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Tin-based Perovskite Solar Cells: Simulation Studies to Critically Assess Limiting Kinetics
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