Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Program
Haley Hughes


Haley Hughes


Haley Hughes



Exploring the Potential Stigma Attached to Learning Disabilities

Haley Hughes, Exceptional Education
Faculty Mentor: Professor Dr. Shannon Budin, Exceptional Education

Haley is a junior in Exceptional Education who expects to graduate in 2022. She has had an interest in working with students with learning disabilities and associated research. Following graduation, Haley aspires to become a Special Education teacher.

During her fellowship, Haley found research supporting assertions that there is a stigma attached to learning disabilities (LD). Several themes and common issues faced by these students emerged from the study. In many, but not all, cases there were negative social outcomes for students as a result. Haley presented for the School of Education at the annual Professional Development Schools (PDS) Consortium in the fall of 2019 and has completed a comprehensive literature review from her research fellowship findings. A second phase of Haley’s research is now in process, where students with LD and their teachers will share their personal experiences and perceptions related to the issues identified in the review of literature.

Haley Hughes