Haley Hughes



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Haley Hughes, Exceptional Education
Faculty Mentor: Professor Dr. Shannon Budin, Exceptional Education

Many high school and college-aged students with learning disabilities (LD) may struggle with the effects of a stigma attached to their learning disability; this may come in the form of their own perceptions, or the perceptions and treatment by others. To explore the existence and impact of this potential stigma, I conducted a systematic review of published literature to identify common issues for both adolescent and post-secondary aged students and summarized the effects of the negative stereotypes. Results indicated several themes and common issues faced by these students. These include the possibility of low motivation and lack of ability to set goals, poor self-efficacy, and negative self-esteem. Additionally, social issues and relationships with parents, teachers, and peers may contribute to struggles experienced by students with LD—all of which may impact their academic and social success and lead to a potential negative impact on their mental health. A second phase of this research is in process, where students with LD and their teachers will share their personal experiences and perceptions related to the issues identified in the review of literature.

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Exploring the Potential Stigma Attached to Learning Disabilities
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