Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Program
Kayla Lackie


Kayla Lackie


Kayla Lackie



Historic Prints as Design Inspiration: Practice-Led Research

Kayla Lackie, Fashion and Textile Technology
Faculty Mentor: Professor Arlesa Shephard, Fashion and Textile Technology

Kayla is a senior majoring in Textile Design and expects to graduate in Spring 2020. She is interested in historic textiles as inspiration for contemporary designs and has developed a collection of textile designs as a result of this project. After graduation, she plans to work as a textile designer for an established company, specializing in either swimwear or interior fabric design.

During her fellowship, Kayla applied practice-led methodology to research and create textile designs. Kayla and her mentor, Dr. Shephard, conducted research at several archives through the Western New York and New England areas. The research was documented and analyzed following each museum visit and design session. Kayla has developed a portfolio of textile designs based on these inspirations. This research was accepted for presentation at the annual symposium of the Costume Society of America, a professional organization dedicated to the study of dress history.

Kayla Lackie