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Kayla Lackie



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Kayla Lackie, Fashion and Textile Technology
Faculty Mentor: Professor Arlesa Shephard, Fashion and Textile Technology

Practice-led research is a structure for documenting and understanding the creative process. This research contributes to the gap in knowledge of creative design, which is in high demand in the textile design field. The purpose of this project is to better understand how practice-led research can be used by textile designers to draw inspiration from historic textiles when designing contemporary textile prints. For this research, historic textiles held in museum collections in the Western New York and New England areas were viewed, documented, and photographed. The researcher/designer’s experiences in viewing these textiles were captured through journaling following each museum visit. The analysis of the journals provides insight into the creative process, which has the potential to be instructive for other designers in creative fields of study. A literature review was conducted by means of research articles and books on historic prints, dyes used, and printing methods. Extensive journaling on prints seen throughout the research visits have been broken down and categorized. Further analyzation on thoughts behind the design process were documented from these journal entries, as well as sketches and paintings completed based on historic textile inspiration. The repeating and reoccurring themes pulled from these analyzed entries are reported to help better understand the design process in developing original printed textiles from historic inspiration. Themes resulting from analysis focused on motif inspiration, colors, and design ideas (i.e. techniques, colors, and patterns). The development of a portfolio of contemporary prints inspired by historic textiles is ongoing.

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Historic Prints as Design Inspiration: Practice-Led Research
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