Why Schools Don't Have Time to Teach Social Skills


Why Schools Don't Have Time to Teach Social Skills



Dolores Rosso, and Tammy Bonner, EDU 201: Introduction to Education
Faculty Mentor: Professor Sandra Washington-Copeland, Buffalo Urban Teacher Pipeline Residency Undergraduate program

Our project is a literature review that looks at the lack of social skills in schools and how it is affecting our students. Social skills are critical to our development and success. Many children never learned these skills at home; however, they are needed to interact and get along with others. Parents assume children are being taught these life skills at school, but that is not always the case. We reviewed the three stages of development of social skills: pre-school, elementary school, and high school. We are all educators in urban public schools and collectively have over 40 years of experience. Our presentation will discuss some of the pros and cons we see daily, along with what we have learned through various research studies. We will also give an overview of the curriculum before the Common Core requirements and how it has changed due to the amount of time spent on academics and testing. We will use our first-hand observations to explain why we feel this is not working and how it impacts our students. Our goal is to make people more aware of the lack of social skills and how it is affecting children. This research project is ongoing. Future research may include formal classroom observations of social skill instruction and student interaction to gain a better understanding of what is going on in the schools we work in.

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Why Schools Don't Have Time to Teach Social Skills