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Tyler Lis, Ryan Lukowski, Aaron Dulniak and Zareya Moore, ENT 466: Electrical Design II
Faculty Mentor: Professor Leonard Fiume, Engineering Technology

For our group’s Senior Design project, we connected with representatives at Kaman Industrial Technologies to build an augmented reality application available for tablets and iPads. This application is being built for Westmatic Corporation, a large-vehicle wash system manufacturer and a customer of Kaman. Westmatic’s main problems occur with preventive and predictive maintenance of their vehicle wash systems. Using a picture recognition software designed by Schneider Electric, any operator can take a picture on a tablet or iPad of a Westmatic vehicle wash system, or a smaller section of it, and view “following data” at pre-programmed points of interest. “Following data” consists of the last service date, manuals of the components, a link to videos on how to replace said component, and any live data pertinent in preventing a malfunction of the system. Westmatic’s large vehicle wash systems have multiple control panels, and the status and data accumulated from them are relayed to a programmable logic controller (PLC), also developed by Schneider Electric. This PLC is connected via wireless networking and/or Bluetooth to the application on the tablet/iPad. The application can show all the live data in the correct locations on the system. Our team was responsible for creating the scenes and data points for the Westmatic car wash, including, but not limited to, schematics, video links, data sheets, and live data. The team delivered an augmented reality program for Westmatic and a PLC programmed by the team to simulate live data for a live demonstration of the capabilities of the augmented reality program. Not only will this project be beneficial in preventing vehicle wash system failures and downtime, but also in organizing all the parts, installations, maintenance, dates, and other paperwork that should be filed for these unique systems. Technician and all other position training will also be improved by this project as a result of the simplicity, time saving, and organized software.

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Augmented Reality Maintenance
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