Call for Proposals for the Nor-easter Conference on Aesthetics and Practice in Cast Iron Art

We welcome five categories of submissions for our events schedule:

Session Formats:

  • Artist Lecture Presenter Series
    Looking for professional artists and curators to present on their own work and/or career in a series of 45-minute presentations. Submit portfolio in a PowerPoint file, containing 10-20 images, resume and bio.
  • Alternative Furnace Entry
    Only non-traditional, alternative fuel/design furnaces accepted for submission.
    We are looking for innovative design and function that promote a more sustainable practice in the foundry, or that starts to progress in that direction. Please provide a description of your furnace including how, and by what, it operates. Please include a list of resources you will need for the operation of this furnace and any other relevant considerations, i.e., additional assistance, inspiration for design, etc...
    **Deadline for Registration is September 2, 2012
    ***No unregistered furnaces will be allowed to operate.
    There are sufficient furnaces on site for all production pours.
  • Presentations/Panels/Lectures
    We are open to all ideas that may be brought forward in this process. In addition to your many diverse topics, please consider the following themes as guidelines for the three days of the conference
    1. Alternatives that can lend to green(er) methods in the foundry/casting process. What are the dangers (past/present/future) and what are the options? Can a presentation/panel/lecture of this theme be tied to a demonstration?
    2. Practical and Instructional Applications in the iron foundry: Function, technique, design, operation/running, safety, etc.
    3. Historical themes: in Industry, architecture, practice, early developments, etc...
  • Demonstrations
    We are open to all ideas that may be brought forward in this process. Please include the resources, materials and time required for your demonstration in your abstract. In addition to the many diverse topics you may be interested in, please consider demonstrations that can possibly link with the themes of presentations/panels/lectures (see previous section)
  • Performance
    1. Live Performance
      In your abstract, include a description of your concept and visual layout, as well as all necessary resources, space and time requirements, assistance, etc. You may upload relevant images in a PowerPoint file.
    2. Archived "Performance" Showcase
      We would like to provide "visual entertainment" on the afternoon of Wednesday, Nov 14th, by showing videos of previous performances (15 minute maximum) followed by a brief discussion (if available). When submitting this proposal, type "performance Video" under session type and include a PowerPoint file of your images, or an external link to the video.

Proposal Format:

Proposals are submitted online by clicking on the Submit Proposal link in the menu bar.
The required information for all submissions is as follows:

  • Session Type – Artist Lecture, Alternative Furnace, Presentation/Panel/Lecture, Demonstration, Performance (Specify live or video)
  • Proposal Title – 25 word maximum
  • Presenter Information – First and last name, e-mail address, professional or student, institutional affiliation
  • Abstract – 250 word maximum
  • If your specific session requires images, please compile your images into a PowerPoint file –or- submit as jpegs at 300dpi no larger than 8"