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Museum Studies, M.A.


History and Social Studies Education Department


Noelle J. Wiedemer

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Noelle J. Wiedemer

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Cynthia A. Conides


The purpose of this master’s thesis project is to examine the formidable globalized service organization, Zonta International (ZI), which has impacted women around the world for 100 years. I utilized essential practices in the Museum Studies Master of Arts program at SUNY Buffalo State to create this project in association with an exhibit, Zonta International: Unveiling 100 Years of History & Membership, presented at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum from November 5 – November 23, 2019. The use of digitized images, documents, and artifacts within the Howard D. Beach Photography Studio Collection owned by The Buffalo History Museum, have been systematically chosen and researched for this project. The road to empowering women has been a long one, though efforts have not been in vain. Countless women (and men) have advocated for the equality of all persons, no matter their race or gender. There have been numerous non-profit organizations that have stood the test of time in fighting for the justice of women’s rights and status in their professions, among them is Zonta International.