This qualitative inquiry examines how a White literacy teacher learns from and with a Black girl through multimodal composing in an out-of-school, alternative learning context. Data collection instruments include field observations, teacher planning sheets, teacher reflections, and researcher feedback. Multimodal Literacy Pedagogy and Black Girls’ Digital Literacies drove this study. Critical Discourse Analysis was employed to interpret the data. This inquiry accounts for the factors that reposition the role of a literacy teacher while working with a Black girl’s digital story development process. This inquiry found a literacy teacher’s multimodal pedagogies were shaped by a Black girl’s: (1) home, community, and school identities (2) organization of content and the communication of ideas (3) varied work styles. This inquiry also provides implications designed to support literacy teachers working with Black girls in the urban literacy context and guide researchers on future research needed in the area of Black girl digital literacies and multimodal pedagogies.

Keywords: Black girls, Digital Storytelling, Multimodal Pedagogies, Black Girls’ Digital Literacies, Critical Discourse Analysis