ECDSS Employee Education Program

The Erie County Department of Social Services Employee Education Program (ECDSS-EEP) is conducted through Buffalo State and serves eligible ECDSS employees who are seeking to complete their undergraduate degree or earn a graduate degree after work hours. Working hand in hand with the Center for Development of Human Services and the ECDSS , Buffalo State has made several degree programs available to ECDSS employees, with classes conveniently offered during evening hours and online.


Submissions from 2016


Note Taking in College, Lauren Copeland M.S.


Reading Textbooks in College, Lauren Copeland M.S.


The Art of Reading Academic Articles, Lauren Copeland M.S.

Submissions from 2015


Navigating Food Selections in the Campus Environment for EC DSS Students with Food Allergies, Lori L. Till Ed.D.

Submissions from 2013


Intergenerational Classroom Communication in Higher Education for the Returning for the Non-Traditional Aged Student, Bruce Bryski Ph.D.