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Drzewieniecki Collections

Dr. Walter M. Drzewieniecki (1914-2010) was a Buffalo State College History professor who started his career as a Polish military officer. He fought in the September 1939 Campaign and then joined the Polish resistance movement. Later, he escaped Poland and joined the Polish Army in the Middle East, reaching the rank of Captain during the invasion of Italy. He emigrated to the U.S. with his wife Zofia, a lawyer who held leadership positions in the Polish YMCA attached to the Polish Army in Palestine & Egypt and then in Italy. She later became a librarian at Buffalo State College. The Fronczak Room Collection at Butler Library includes rich material on the Polish Armed Forces and YMCA during WWII, immigration to the US, the Polish-American community in the U.S., Drzewieniecki’s Buffalo State College career, including the East European and Slavic Studies and Ethnic Heritage Studies programs which he headed, and the Drzewieniecki family. This online collection includes WWII and early immigration materials only.

The digital collection constitutes a small portion of the materials available to researchers. For more information, please visit https://library.buffalostate.edu/archives/fronczak/home


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