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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity

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This Project reports on the results of research conducted to explore the power of embracing the principles of creativity in the internal branding process. It reviews how the principles of creativity can vitalize a company’s internal brand so it is relevant, vibrant, engaging and valuable. The principles of creativity are defined to explore how they play a part of the internal branding methodology and ultimately, how they impact the context of all of the work throughout this methodology. To understand the relevance and importance of internal branding, five respected and admired North American organizations were paralleled to see where the distinctions from this methodology were present to see where these organizations were living their internal brand. Additionally important in this project was the review of literature in this area and conversations with people who are working and engaged in the distinctions of internal branding or organizational design. Conclusions, implications, and next steps are explored for future work and development.