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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity

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Current corporate and academic paradigms are in need of fresh eyes and insightful responses. Forces such as; 21st century challenges, a desire for meaningful work and emerging positive organizational scholarship are changing the way we envision leadership as well as our thinking on how it might be fostered. This project explored the artistic process from the perspective of what it contributed to emerging theories on creative leadership. It looked at leadership from a holistic perspective and arts-based learning as a crucial tool in developing leaders who demonstrate balance between cognitive and affective; linear and organic, analysis and synthesis and logic and intuition. The conclusion drawn was: Utilizing the arts as part of a leadership development strategy allows different ways of knowing and leading to emerge. The result is a more holistic and integrated leader who is able to access knowledge which is not available through the traditional means of analysis and logic. This leadership model has a positive effect upon institutions in bringing a philosophy of humanization and meaning-making to corporate boardrooms.