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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity

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This project contains a spreadsheet and data catalog that show documented impacts of Creative Problem Solving (CPS), the domains/industries in which they occurred, what type of CPS application was used, and the literature that provided the information. This information is cross-referenced to determine good target markets according to type of CPS product, what domain/industry is being sold to, and what type of impact is being sought. Analysis of marketing materials determined the information sought, which in turn influenced the categories of data used on the spreadsheet. All materials are contained in the appendixes catalog for easy reference.


Information about attached spreadsheet:

The data is sortable in a number of ways. Sorting with various filters shows the supporting literature for various impacts of CPS and how they are delivered (e.g. The documented effects of CPS training or the increases in profits from CPS facilitation, etc..)

CPS_impact.xls (236 kB)