Emerging Graduate Student Leaders at Buffalo State College

Elissa M. Mittendorf, Buffalo State College


Student organizations have been a part of the college experience for many years. The same is true for graduate students. Currently, Buffalo State College does not offer any graduate student organizations, therefore I have researched and developed a proposal for an Emerging Graduate Student Leadership Organization (EGSL) at Buffalo State College. This project is broken into two sections. Part 1 is The Emerging Graduate Student Leaders proposal and it will identify five main components: (1) Why form EGSL? (2) What will EGSL do? (3) Who will be involved in EGSL? (4) How will EGSL work and (5) How much will EGSL cost? (see Appendix B). Part 2 is the submission of a proposal for a mini-grant of $2,000.00. Part 2 includes eight components (1) Abstract (2) Fit with College Mission (3) Project description (4) Expected outcomes (5) Products/Deliverables (6) Project Timeline (7) Future partnership plans and (8) budget (see Appendix D)