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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity

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This project contains a description of the process used to develop a draft proposal for a book idea that would be high enough quality for submission to a book publisher. The book is entitled Imagination Improvisation, and it is a culmination of my thinking about the link between creativity studies and musical improvisation. The text of the project includes the background research and incubation that I did to produce the draft proposal. It also includes pertinent literature for improvisation and creativity, the process plan that I followed in constructing the draft proposal, the outcomes of the entire project, and key learnings from the entire project. There is also a project bibliography that includes background reading for the project. There are three appendices: the first contains the draft book proposal, the second contains the evolution of the creativityimprovisation link model, and the third contains the original Power Point presentation in which the model was proposed. The final part of the project is the original concept paper for the project.