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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity

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This project describes and demonstrates a script-building process for use as a teaching and learning application for third-grade students. Creativity elements of models framing this application will include the Torrance Model of Sociodrama as Creative Problem Solving, Rhodes’ 4 P’s (person, process, product, and press), and the Creative Problem Thinking Skills Model. The constructivism theory of learning is discussed to demonstrate an active-learning process that is ecological in nature, as are the creativity models discussed. Engagement of students in this ecological and active-learning process is the intention of the teaching and learning application in this paper. Commonalities among these creativity models, the constructivism learning theory, and the script-building teaching and learning application are evident and presented in two matrix charts. An example of a script built by students resulting from this teaching and learning application is presented to model the results of an action-learning process.