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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity

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The initial intent of this project was to define a future direction by focusing on intuitive problem solving and work with a life coach. The plan exploited a tactile preference with work in fiber, glass and paint. In order to enhance skills of reflection, the plan included lessons in yoga and participation in the Expert2Expert conference and the Creative Problem Solving Institute conference. Key learnings of the project included clarification of a strong preference to embrace the present and a willingness to allow the future to unfurl. It became obvious that I also have a clear preference for tactile, creative process – as indicated by the attached wall hanging (A Journey to Self: Divergence and Convergence). It has also become clear that that Learning is a key passion. Finally, there is a growing importance of voice – both in explaining my introvert preference to others (including my students) and in tactile expression through work with hot glass and weaving.