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Creative Studies, M.S.


International Center for Studies in Creativity


Dr. Molly Holinger


This Master's Project is a comprehensive exploration of the intersection of digital fashion design, nostalgia, and sustainable practices. Its primary objective is to create 'project CYBERBAE,' a phygital fashion collection that draws inspiration from early 2000s video game characters, trends, and aesthetics. The project utilizes advanced digital tools like Clo3D to demonstrate a comprehensive digital fashion design process that emphasizes inclusivity and sustainability. It also pioneers the development of a 3D virtual world, providing users with an immersive environment to interact with and experience digital fashion. This virtual space serves as a platform for a community of fashion, technology, and creativity enthusiasts. The project also underscores the significant role of nostalgia in fashion design, drawing from personal experiences with early MMOs and fashion-focused games. Through the use of innovative design sprints and digital prototyping, the project showcases how digital tools can effectively reduce waste and streamline fashion production. The project's outcomes highlight the potential of digital fashion to revolutionize traditional fashion design, promote sustainable practices and inclusivity. The creation of digital garments, their translation into physical counterparts, and the development of a virtual fashion ecosystem mark significant advancements for the digital fashion community, offering new opportunities for creative expression and sustainable design.