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Creative Studies, M.S.

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Dr. Susan Keller-Mathers


Creative I'mprint

This Master's project delves into the innovative concept of a "Creative I’mprint" and its implications for creative practitioners in fostering effective change leadership. The project aims to investigate the dynamic relationship among perception, influence, and creativity, with the goal of empowering creative practitioners to better comprehend how their creativity impacts others and leaves a lasting impression. Through the design of a comprehensive workshop and conference presentation, the project facilitates the exploration and definition of creative practitioners' Creative I’mprint. Drawing from diverse theories and frameworks including emotional intelligence, lateral thinking, and self-awareness tools, the project provides a structured approach for creative practitioners to navigate their creative journey. Furthermore, the project acknowledges the challenges and limitations encountered in the pursuit of defining and embodying a Creative I’mprint, while also outlining avenues for future research and development. Ultimately, this project contributes to advancing the understanding of creativity and change leadership, offering practical insights for creative practitioners to harness their creative potential and make meaningful contributions in their respective fields.