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Creative Studies, M.S.


Center for Studies in Creativity


Dr. Susan Keller-Mathers

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Dr. Susan Keller Mathers


This project aims to create a scripted lesson consisting of a video lesson and a supplemental activity to facilitate creativity training in primary students. A larger goal is to develop a K-12 curriculum for Creativity and Creative Problem Solving. The scripted lessons and guided activities aim to educate 1st-grade students on creativity characteristics and foster foundational creativity skills. The project aims to alleviate teachers' burden by providing ready-made scripted lessons and videos with explicit instructions, requiring no prior content knowledge. The video lessons feature puppet characters, engaging students through spoken lessons, music, and movement. The follow-up activities, called Mactivities, are low or no-prep and allow students to practice creativity skills. The project's goals include fitting into packed school schedules, engaging young children in regular creative practices, providing a curriculum that requires no prior knowledge in creativity education, building a foundational level of creativity education for future scaffolding, and making learning fun and enjoyable through music and play. The rationale for the project stems from the researcher's background in childhood education and a desire to improve students' future opportunities. The researcher noticed a decline in creativity as children grow older and found a need for an explicit creativity curriculum for elementary school children. Existing resources primarily focus on integrating creativity into existing lessons, leaving a burden on teachers. The project aims to address these gaps by providing educators with a manageable and comprehensive creativity curriculum and fostering adaptable and applicable creative skills, turning students into innovative leaders as they progress through their education.