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Creative Studies, M.S.


Center for Studies in Creativity


Dr. Susan Keller-Mathers

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Dr. Susan Keller-Mathers


Although an often-under-explored cognitive skill, humility has an important relationship with a person’s creative capacity. Due to its inherent focus on honesty, flexibility, and openness, intellectual humility significantly increases an individual’s problem-solving abilities. This paper will detail the development of The Creativity and Humility Guidebook, which will be used to provide a thorough overview of both creativity and humility to the Roberts Wesleyan University community in order to equip faculty and staff with a fuller understanding of the symbiotic relationship between the two. Due to the turbulent climate of higher education in today’s world, coupled with the countless social, economic, and political issues that plague society, a guidebook that focuses on increasing a university’s creativity through humility comes at a pivotal time in which the clear benefits of creativity training are crucial for success.