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Creative Studies, M.S.


Center for Studies in Creativity


Dr. Susan Keller Mathers


The Journal of Environmental Psychology and Human Ecology Review have produced various articles about the relationship between values, environmental attitudes, happiness, and sustainable lifestyles. Research shows that a change of individual behaviors and lifestyles is generally considered to be of vital importance for making the transition to a sustainable society. This project explored the individual skills and competencies that are needed to develop a Sustainability Mindset, also referred to as the 12 Sustainability Principles in the book The Sustainability Mindset Principles: A Guide to Developing a Mindset for a Better World written by Isabel Rimanoczy in 2021. The first result of this exploration is a high-level resource guide for each principle. The second concrete result is a set of tiny tasks, short activities, and reflection exercises, that help others to better understand how they can embed sustainable behaviors into their daily lives, whether that is personal or work-related.