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Creative Studies, M.S.


Center for Studies in Creativity


Dr. Susan Keller-Mathers

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Dr. Susan Keller-Mathers


Leaders and Entrepreneurs change the world. How might we best help them to inspire positive change? Perhaps by recognizing that the positive change that leaders and entrepreneurs drive starts with the hearts and minds of humans. Being mindful of this can open doors to new creative leadership/entrepreneurial development practices and have a positive butterfly effect on the world we live in. The purpose of this project is to observe, reflect and document the experience of participating in a uniquely holistic entrepreneurship hands-on fellowship as it relates to creativity and leadership development. The fellowship is a five-month program that exists to help military members, their spouses, and their caregivers who are in transition to connect with their personal purpose, and to give them the tools to move forward in entrepreneurial/leadership pursuits if they so choose. Reflections on key learnings from the experience provide insights into the human side of leadership/entrepreneurship, roadblocks to creativity, and potential areas for creative leadership/entrepreneurial development.