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Everyone Needs a Hero: Why Can’t it be You?

The self-help industry has been questioned by many in the modern world. It’s become diluted with over 6 million coaches on Linkedin. Studies show that 95% of coaches are not making $100,000 a year in their business. Resulting in them being forced out of the industry within 12-24 months. Everyone Needs a Hero: Why Can’t it be You? is a course designed to help people transform their lifestyle and unlock the amazing person they’re meant to be. This paper will be an outline of the steps to sell the course. The basis of unlocking the inner-hero is character development. Whether it be family, business, socially it contributes to our entire world. Tying to each person’s self-esteem, it can evoke self-actualization and propel many to eminence. Everyday is training day. Virtues vs Vices, a battle of humanity. This talk opens the eyes of audiences to a lifestyle shift that will help them realize their purpose.

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