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Creativity and Change Leadership, Graduate Certificate Program


Center for Studies in Creativity


Gerard Puccio, Ph.D


As an Amazonian, I take pride in my work; the logistics and purpose of the company are strictly designed to satisfy the customer. After being an employee for nearly a year, I understand that a lack of creativity is throwing us in a cycle of unnecessary challenges. Jeff Bezos’s leadership principles give purpose to the tasks being accomplished; the company structure was built on a solid foundation, but every foundation will be shaken. At Amazon, we are challenged by recurring problems. Alex Osborn And Sid Parnes created a magnificent tool called Creative Problem-Solving, which allows anyone to identify the root of a problem and to provide solutions to overcome those issues. Being a student of creativity and working at Amazon gives me a deep desire to apply my knowledge and work to overcome issues. CPS will provide multiple perspectives of gathering direct ideas in constructing a course of action to implement a plan.

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