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This Masters Project is a small piece which fits into the bigger vision of my life which is to make Pakistan a nation of life savers. Inspired by my mother’s death due to sudden cardiac arrest I decided to train my community in life saving skills like “CPR” and “Hemorrhage Control” so that they can help save lives by taking appropriate actions and doing immediate interventions. Knowing my passion, I was asked by a professor at my hospital to lead a project where we can develop and implement a framework to train our community in life saving skills like CPR and Hemorrhage Control. To achieve our goal we established a consortium of major stakeholders including the major hospitals, emergency medical services (EMS) and an NGO, and developed a curriculum to train 10 million Pakistani citizens in these life saving skills. Although we want to incorporate this curriculum in schools, the current pandemic has posed certain challenges like lockdowns due to which we are not able to test this curriculum with our intended population. Hence we decided to test our curriculum with the non-clinical staff from the hospitals of our consortium including the security and Human Resource (HR) staff. We have collected their valuable feedback so that we can refine our curriculum before this will become a part of the national school curriculum in Pakistan. Although it is an ongoing process, we are hopeful that once the pandemic is over we will be able to train our community in these life saving skills and make Pakistan a nation of life savers.

Keywords: Training framework, Curriculum, Community, CPR, Hemorrhage Control