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Creative Studies, M.S.


Center for Studies in Creativity


Keller-Mathers Susan

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Keller-Mathers Susan


The overall aim of this paper is to examine the employee/employer contractual relationship, through the perspective of the current global pandemic (Covid-19). The principle tools used are: reflections on my personal work experiences over the last 15 years, including Covid-19 work-related events; analysis of responses to a tailored questionnaire targeted on a sample group of the UK working population based on my extended network; supported by literature reviews and current media reports.

The paper aggregates the learnings from the data capture to examine employee engagement levels across the three key phases of the pandemic i.e. Pre-Covid, Lockdown (During) and Post-Covid. The study examines the influence of each phase on the group’s work life perceptions to determine how effectively this microcosm of the UK working population mirrors wider trends in employee disengagement identified by a number of authors in the literature and medias reports.

The insights that have emerged are used to propose the development of a conceptual product to address the identified imbalance in the current employee/employer relationship in readiness of the shift to the Conceptual Age.

Keywords: employee engagement, employee/employer relationship, career passport