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Creative Studies, M.S.


Center for Studies in Creativity


Dr. Gerard Puccio

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J. Michael Fox


Part of a larger research initiative focused on altered states of consciousness as it relates to creativity, this inquiry is a continuation of my independent study completed fall 2016. This project is designed to further develop research in the area of creativity as it relates to altered states of consciousness. It offers a new paradigm for how we might present the concept of altered states of consciousness within the field of creativity. This altered state is in contrast to what will be defined as an ordinary state of consciousness. The product and qualities expressed in an altered state of consciousness is creativity. There are various methods to induce a healthy altered state. The more one practices entering into induced altered states, the more highly conscious and the more creative one becomes. In addition, one becomes more self-actualized, rarefied, connected, yet individualized and more consciously evolved.