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Creative Studies, M.S.


Center for Studies in Creativity


Mike Fox


The purpose of this project is to raise awareness and create a level of consciousness about water, unlike anything we have seen in the past. This project presents a synthesis of current writings and ideologies from the fields of Environmental Science and Water Research. As well as think pieces and informative news articles from various publications.

To illustrate the damaging effects of water contamination, water pollution, and water scarcity; Flint, Michigan will serve as a case study. After diagnosing and defining the problem using the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) framework. This project will explore the challenge and look at the conditions that created a city like Flint. Concluding, with the implementation of Creative Thinking Tools, the development of action plans, and integration strategies for all sides. That includes lawmakers, the city’s residents, and anyone who might be affected in the future.